Why is your retargeting campaign not working?

Retargeting in-app, is occasionally mentioned as a way of promoting a product inside an app, when the user already expressed some sort of interest in the offer, by simply browsing and doing an in-app search.  

In case you are not aware, retargeting is paid campaigns for in-app users who at a given moment downloaded an app and showed interest in a product or promotion, for example. It takes in consideration, behavior, location, previous interests and purchases, making it possible to personalize ads to this audience with the intention of converting them to a valuable user.  


Do you sometimes wonder if retargeting is the right advertising strategy for you? 

Well we are here to share some insights and opinions on the matter, stay here a bit longer. 

As you might have heard before, retargeting is an effective way to re-engage lost users and acquire new ones. Along with bringing new customers, retaining them through mobile app ads and consequently preventing them from disengaging completely, are important elements when looking at how your app is performing.

Marketing professionals invest time and money in apps, because that’s where you will instigate downloads, attract users and make them stay, becoming highly valuable users. 



Working with retargeting campaigns, it will require less time and effort to bring more conversions, you will be using an existing database, from users who already have your app and at any given moment shared an interest in your app or a product. 


It also helps to keep your brand on the top of mind with users who already engage with you previously. 




To have a successful retargeting campaign there are a few things to take in consideration: 

  • Personalized Experience

Retargeting campaigns are meant for users who stopped using your app somewhere in their user journey. Finding ways to create a personalized campaign for them is a key movement, also using the data collected by a trusted partner to do so is a major plus. 

  • Clear KPI’s 

Monitoring results is very important for you to be able to redirect your budget wisely and also analyze the data to make correct decisions to improve your campaign ROI. 

  • Qualified Creatives 

Projecting creatives that work for your audience and your app are key components for a retargeting campaign together with A/B testing to understand which one will better deliver to your target audience. 

  • The right team 

Keeping your user active is not an easy task, but applying the correct set of strategies and the expertise of the right mobile marketing professional and partners, your chances are pretty high to engage your desired audience in your app. 


Taking this last tip in consideration we invite you to get in touch with our team of specialists at appreach, who can assist in the best way to reach your in-app campaigns goals. 


Carolyn Max – Marketing Manager at appreach