Anticipating Black Friday strategies for 2023

Black Friday, the annual shopping extravaganza, has evolved from being solely an in-store event to a significant digital shopping day, with the app industry playing a pivotal role in shaping consumer experiences. As we approach this years’ Black Friday, it’s essential to explore the expectations and strategies within the app industry that will drive engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction during this highly anticipated shopping event.

Every year there’s more expectations and anticipations towards the success of the event. Last year Black Friday was a big mix of feelings, at least in Brazil, where we had post pandemic high prices and inflation. World Cup impact on sales results and the return of the in-store shopping, all these variables played a part on the performance results of 2022 Black Friday. The expectations of this year is to overcome the past results, as we won’t have any major events interfering with the season.

  • Mobile-First approach

The app industry has been witnessing a steady shift towards mobile-first strategies. With more consumers using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases, app developers and businesses are expected to focus on optimizing their apps for seamless mobile experiences. Expectations include faster loading times, user-friendly interfaces, and intuitive navigation, all aimed to enhance the user shopping journey.

  • Personalization and targeted marketing

As the competition intensifies, app developers will leverage personalization to stand out. Black Friday presents a prime opportunity for businesses to implement AI-driven algorithms that analyze user data to offer tailored recommendations and deals. Expect to see push notifications, personalized email campaigns, and even augmented reality features that allow customers to virtually try products before purchasing.

  • Early access and exclusive previews

App users love the exclusivity feeling, and brands are likely to capitalize on this by offering early access to Black Friday deals exclusively through their apps. By providing sneak peeks and exclusive previews, app developers can drive excitement and anticipation among users, encouraging them to engage with the app regularly until the big day.

  • Seamless checkout and payment options

The checkout process is a critical phase where many potential sales can be lost due to friction. To capitalize on Black Friday’s high traffic, app developers will likely emphasize a seamless checkout experience. This could include streamlined payment options such as mobile wallets, one-click purchases, and integrated payment gateways, all of which contribute to reducing cart abandonment rates.

  • Post-purchase engagement and retention

The post-Black Friday phase is equally important, as businesses aim to convert one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Apps are likely to focus on post-purchase engagement strategies, such as order tracking, personalized post-purchase recommendations, and loyalty programs that encourage users to return for future purchases.

As the app industry gears up for Black Friday 2023, it’s evident that consumer expectations are higher than ever, from a mobile-first approach and personalized marketing strategies to seamless checkout experiences, apps will play a crucial role in enhancing the overall season shopping journey.

By understanding and implementing these expectations and strategies, app developers and businesses can position themselves for success in this highly competitive digital landscape.


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