Insights of the latest events in Brazil

As you might be aware, events have always been a great opportunity to meet partners and industry colleagues, but it’s also a chance to get a sense of what’s happening around and the challenges other marketers are facing. We have some takeaways from this year’s first events!

We’ve attended AGS São Paulo, AppsFlyer’s MAMA event in Brazil, our roundtable at Nubank and Forum E-commerce. 



It’s always a great pleasure to join customers, prospects, and partners in insightful  conversations around the challenges and opportunities our industry faces today. Our main goal is to be a reference in the app growth industry for ad techs like ourselves, and for that to happen, it’s important to stay up to date with all the challenges we face.




Industry events are a great opportunity to engage in face to face conversations with customers and prospects outside the zoom area, to get a better sense of what marketers are looking for, challenges faced, and maybe a new tool they are testing and learning some great deeds of it. 

Here are some of the insights we got so far:

  • Artificial Intelligence: marketing tends to be impacted by the rapid pace of changes in consumer behavior and by increasing uncertainty and strategic complexity. Understanding how to deal with the changes in the industry and embrace the advancement of technologies that are restructuring the planet can be the path for leading the future of Marketing. 
  • Privacy: a constant topic discussed in our industry and requires all the attention of the market. Privacy regulations and users’ concern for their personal data are growing. The impact on many digital businesses is real and the importance of adapting and creating a safe environment for users are key and never forget to keep ourselves updated with SKAN and Google Sandbox. 
  • Marketing mix: always a crowd favorite and understandable, since it’s important to understand which channels are worth exploring according to your vertical and to ensure growth across the entire user journey. How to make the most out of each strategy and explore alternatives to traditional User Acquisition campaigns and mixing with retargeting to maximize your ROAS and make more full funnel marketing decisions for your app. 
  • Retention: many professionals in the industry fail to create concise retention strategies for existing users in the app, even though scenarios can be different due to vertical needs, but focusing on identifying the key opportunities during the user journey, can make massive differences when you can highly engage the user and lead back to the app. 


Meet us in our next event. We are heading to AGS Mexico in November. It will be great to meet friends from the industry there and share some notes of our solutions and how we can partner in new adventures 😉 



Mama by AppsFlyer, at São Paulo

App Growth Summit São Paulo



Carolyn Max – Marketing Manager at Appreach