User Acquisition Tips for 2023

I believe you heard a few times before about user acquisition, in case you didn’t, we will tell you a bit about it and share some insights on what is involved in getting more users to your mobile app in 2023, plus some cool strategies to keep you updated. 

For marketers to acquire new users to a mobile app, they can apply many strategies to it. 

On the top of the user journey funnel, you can definitely start with user acquisition tactics, more commonly achieved via paid advertising campaigns, app store optimization (ASO)* and eventually organic traffic. 

The goal is to acquire this new user through a shorter process, basically straight away!  

Having strong strategies for new customers helps your company to develop a roadmap of further actions required to get new users and eventually keep the current ones in the app. 

The campaigns that draw attention of new users have the objective of sharing promotional offers and increase brand awareness, to intentionally generate installs and in-app spends. 

*ASO aims on optimizing an app’s store page headline, description, keywords, and other components to boost app store rankings. It usually falls under the responsibilities of the UA manager, and it can be done in-house or externally via an ASO agency.


What is trending in 2023? 

Definitely the use of AI and machine learning, since the level of data generation in mobile devices never decreases, AI and machine learning will become essential tools to evaluate any data and eventually identify patterns which can be used to improve user acquisition techniques and analyze data.




Personalization as definitely mentioned before by experts in the industry, it’s still a critical and important component of mobile user acquisition strategies this year.

Being able to provide a personalized experience to your user is more likely to not just attract them to your app, but retain them. 





With the thousands of mobile apps and services in store, users are becoming more subtle in their choices, applying a personalized experience can assist you in retaining users. It can vary from recommendations, tailored messaging, and customized user interfaces.

Another investment we are seeing in the market is the use of mobile video as an ad format to campaigns. You will be able to engage with higher quality users, work greatly in game apps and deliver great ROI performances in 2022.

We believe that companies who can invest in these technologies will be better positioned, able to reach their target audiences and improve their conversion rates.


Appreach has an expert team in UA that can support you in improving your mobile app tactics.

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Carolyn Max – Marketing Manager at appreach