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Best Practices for an App Campaign

While App discovery and downloads keep growing, retention rates are still a challenge for App Marketers.

According to business of apps research across 31 mobile app categories, the user retention rate was 25.3% on Day 1, followed by a drop of almost 20% on day 30 (5.7%). 

User Acquisition and Retargeting should be a combined strategy if you are willing to keep your users engaged and active, allowing you to properly map profiles, preferences and do specific push campaigns. 

Let’s deep dive into the best practices for an app campaign.


Define which KPI correctly tracks your app campaign performance

User acquisition and Retargeting campaigns have a drive to growth app usage and purchases. When looking for which type of campaign your app needs, you should always consider your goals, budgets, metrics and how to keep this user active in the app.

When comparing both, you need to keep in mind that UA and Retargeting have different goals and your strategy should be different.


Define the best message of each journey step

The user journey and goal from an User Acquisition and Retargeting are different. Starting from the message you want to send across your audience. 

ad campaign assets


The call to action (CTA), such as “download now, order a meal, buy now”, of a user who has installed the app or triggered a specific key event should be different, together with:

  • visual elements
  • colors
  • themes
  • images 


Some additional advantages you can leverage from data

  • Organic Data 

In your UA strategy it is important to know who already has your app downloaded, so you can avoid spending unnecessary budget on pre-existing customers. 

Retargeting is the opposite! You will use this data to predict the bid and impact the correct user, which already has your app downloaded, and you are looking to re-engage them in another purchase or reactivate a user who is not currently using the app. Tracking the user behavior through organic data will help you to map your future steps through previous activities.

  • Impressions


Transparency is a safety tool and helps you to have full visibility of the best performing placements.

  • Uninstall


Tracking the users that uninstalled your App will help you to track the ones that still have it,  users from uninstalled apps are less likely to engage and will probably increase your bid cost.


Special Dates

Traditional dates are very popular among App Marketers, there’s a lot of budget and energy evolved to maximize the revenue of the celebrations. Leveraging from other special dates or cultural celebrations may work for your vertical and region. 


  • Create Themed Ads for both campaigns; User Acquisition and Retargeting
  • Add discounts and promo codes for new users. 
  • Retarget the user after a few days to keep them engage and coming back


View-Through Attribution (VTA)

Many users convert without clicking on an Ad, that’s why you rely on VTA for a better understanding of user behavior. It also prevents the cannibalization of organics and helps you to make better decisions.


Take your chance and combine both strategies, there is no full cycle of healthiness without both efforts!

Appreach has a team of experts who can optimize your campaigns and reach your goals in both strategies.

We can help you! 



Carolina Zaccaro – CEO at Appreach